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Great product and great service!

David came out this morning to install a couple of overhead storage racks in our house. I had a general idea of what I wanted, but he took that general idea and gave some good feedback as to what would work and what wouldn't -- which I greatly appreciated!

After we talked, David got to work, and a few hours later, everything was installed! The product is really incredible. In our old house, we had a competitor's product that you can buy at the big box stores, and they were really cheap metal and would sway if you push them. David's racks are incredibly solid by comparison. I think he said that each rack can support 600 pounds, which is incredible.

In any case, if you need this sort of thing done in your garage, this is the place to call!

(As an aside, ask David if you can look in his trailer -- it's incredible. If he added A/C, it could be a studio apartment.)


Superior Service

In November 2006 I had these racks installed in my garage. The service was exceptional and the quality was superior. I am considering having more racks installed in my second garage. Thanks for the professional and personal service.

Ken Fabritz

Best garage improvement-hands down!!

I received a flyer in the mail about the overhead racks and this was exactly what I was looking for to get my garage floor back. I received a consultation from Dave and within a few days the racks were installed. The improvement was incredible! We got our stuff off the floor and up on the racks. I was amazed at how well the installation went, how quick we could get organized and how durable these racks are. DO NOT waste your money on Home Depot knock-offs. These racks are top notch and the price includes installation. We had about 30 feet of storage rack space added in both garages and are well pleased.


No more storage problems!

Overhead Racks offers a superior product and great service. I had previously purchased a rack from a competitor and it was flimsy compared to Overhead Racks. I'm a Realtor in AZ and I like to refer great contractors to my clients. Overhead Racks is one of those companies that will get recommended!


"Best in town"

David was awesome to work with! He was very accomidating as far as our schedules were concerned and was very polite. The racks are awesome, they are an investment, but it was well worth it for us! (It was the best price in the valley however.) The storage is amamzing. I would recommend using this company to anyone!


Excellent Product and Service

David installed two overhead racks in our garage. He was friendly and professional, giving great advise on how to best use our space. The racks are very high quality and well installed. It's been great to be able to store the season items on the racks and get more use out of our garage.

Sue AZ

Great Service

I had David install two 8'x4' overhead racks in my garage. He was on time, did what he promised, the racks look great and got my stuff out of the way. He also made recommendations on where the racks should be placed, the drop height, and position. I also liked the materials used, which were more than adequate for my needs. I would recommend Overhead Racks to anyone.


3232 E Corona Ave, Phoenix AZ 85040
Phone: 602-305-7500

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